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Ryan Kruger

Engineer by education with a degree in Engineering from the University of Florida received in 2002. I have been mechanically engaged with engines since my teenage years and in 2019 my passion for engines led me to the full-time career of surveying marine engines. To bring a unique engineering oriented thought process to the inspection is always the goal.



My mission is to provide every client with a professional survey experience. This includes communication during the planning stages of the survey and a detailed inspection with written report. You will also receive a reliable fluid analysis from a nationally recognized/certified laboratory with speedy turn-around time (typically with next day results), and post-survey consultation to ensure clarity of findings.


Marine Engine Survey and Engineering

Marine Engine Survey

Providing in-depth mechanical inspections of the engine, transmission and generator aboard cruisers, trawlers, sport fish boats, large yachts and more.

Marine Engine Diagnostics

Analyzing the engine’s built-in computer system or engine control module (ECU) using the latest technologies.


Bore Scope Internal Analysis

Bore scoping allows for fast, reliable visual results, permitting customers to make smart preventative decisions. (Note: not for all engines)


Using Flir® brand high definition professional grade infrared thermal cameras, to detect various thermal anomalies in the marine engine surveys and inspections.



Engineer Oriented Reporting

I produce timely reports in most cases by next business day. In addition, having a metallurgical engineering background brings the ability to detect interactions between dissimilar metals on alloys and components. 

Generator Survey

An analysis of the generator(s) full frame and components. This includes a full electrical load test of maximum amperage.




Commonly Asked Questions

There are variations in Marine Surveyors. Specifically, I provide an inspection and evaluation of the vessel’s engines so that as a prospective buyer or boat owner, you understand the true condition of the engines on board the vessel. In addition, you will be informed of what repairs and/or maintenance may be required to get the engines up to good working order.

marine engine survey is very important in determining a more accurate value of the vessel based on the engine’s overall condition and performance. Some problems may not be visibly or even noticeably apparent during a marine survey until the engine survey is performed. A good thorough marine engine survey can save a significant amount of money if problems are found before the purchase or a complete failure of the engine(s) occur.

A marine engine survey can take a few hours to a full day depending on the size and complexity of the boats engines, on-board generators and its computer systems.

The engine survey is performed to assist the insurance carrier in the determination of the risk involved for a particular vessel. This includes an engine diagnostic, corrosion survey, fluid sample analysis, thermal imaging and bore scope analysis.

A marine engine survey is an in depth mechanical inspection of the engine(s) on a boat or yacht. This is not an inspection that just any surveyor can perform. I specifically inspect the engine and transmissions, the download on the EC. I perform a sea trial under weight testing, and back down testing to insure engine mounts. Furthermore, I test the throttle and gear controls for proper operation, block heater testing if applicable, the start and stop functions throughout the boat and in the engine room, and review the service records to determine if there has been any deferred maintenance. Lastly, I will pull oil and coolant samples.

“Standards are the core of ABYC as they are continuously researched, developed, and revised by over 400 volunteer marine professionals on 16 Project Technical Committees (PTCs) from all fields of the industry including the US Coast Guard (USCG), trade organizations, and private entities. ABYC collaborates with safety organizations worldwide such as Transport Canada and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).”

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Ryan Kruger, is a Surveyor Associate with Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.

What is the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors?

The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors® (SAMS®) was established during the 1980’s by a small group of surveying professionals wishing to advance their craft. SAMS®  Membership Roster includes close to 1000 surveyors in the United States and over 20 other countries around the world. SAMS® shall have three primary classes of membership: Accredited Marine Surveyors, Surveyor Associates, and Affiliate Members.
Kruger Survey and Engineering

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